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Authenticity Book House publishes simplified pastoral training materials. ABH produces bite-sized books, capturing theological truths in easily understood language, for Swahili-speaking believers with limited educational access.

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ABH author, Tom Golding, felt uneasiness stir in his mind. He sat surrounded by sleeping dogs, pecking chickens, a duck, and people—people of Kome Island, Tanzania—sitting around the home of a local witch doctor. People who just responded to the gospel. People getting ready to go home and start new lives as members of God’s redeemed family.
Tom’s mind raced in contrast to the lazily snoring dogs. How would the new faith of these people affect their lives on the island? Did they understand the growth available to them through God’s Holy Spirit? How would new faith affect the life of the witch doctor himself? Would he change his job or simply stack new faith on top of old beliefs?
From this striking moment of contemplation comes our new bite-sized book, When God and Culture Clash . In this book, Tom asks hard questions and presents difficult challenges. Challenges for the new believers of Kome Island and challenges for believers in any stage of spiritual growth around the world.
Skechers Refresh Shoes Urban Tread Discount Clearance Store 2018 New Clearance Fast Delivery Clearance Footaction bFWD68 To read this book means taking the risk of evaluating cultural beliefs against the reality of a God-created world. It means opening our minds to examine learned beliefs, often nurtured by man-made culture, against ultimate truth: God’s Word.
What about you? We all carry cultural baggage, some lining up with truth and some not. Do you want to dive into this examination yourself? You can.
When God and Culture Clash available for purchase in Swahili and English soon!

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God, Did We Hear You Right?

Everyone needs confirmation. Do you remember tentatively accepting your first job as a teenager, all the while wondering if you could really fill its requirements? Remember that first big purchase—a car or a home—and wondering if you chose wisely? Waiting for a hint of confirmation?

I’m sitting at my desk listening to ABH president, Fran Geiger Joslin, play snippets of interviews with Kome Island pastors and church leaders, as well as portions of worship, teaching, and story-telling. A joyful sound! The sound of confirmation for this publishing work God called Fran and her husband, Howard, to take on over four years ago.

As many remember, the spring of 2017 brought a bigger challenge—narrowing the ministry. What did the Lord have in mind? Through prayer and discussion, it became clear the focus of ABH should land exclusively on publishing simplified pastoral training in bite-sized books for Swahili-speaking pastors in East Africa. English versions soon joined their Swahili counterparts to open doors even farther into Africa and other English-speaking cultures.

Did confirmation follow? Yes! Pastors and church leaders engaged in a second ABH-led conference yielding heart change and passionate five-minute practice sermons. ABH books filled the hands of these growing spiritual leaders.

Testimonies sing and the joyful sound of worship rings out. All on an island where only three years ago witchcraft existed as the most visible spiritual force.

In the city of Mwanza, widows pressed hugs of joy into ABH staff as they received Fran’s newly published bite-sized version of her book, Widowed: When Death Sucks the Life out of You.

Not Marked , by Mary DeMuth, found its way into the lives of young girls rescued from sex trafficking. The tears, the smiles, the hugs, and sermons all confirm God’s work and truth, which our books seek to embody.

It takes a village to reach a village. Prayers, gifts, and other types of support here reach into the depths of Africa through the written and spoken Word of God. Confirmation and inspiration take hold as the new ministry year unfolds.


Dianne Taylor
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Authenticity Book House puts a new spin on Christian publishing.

Now you can take our books wherever you go! We’re the first Christian publisher to leverage an app, which allows our global reach to expand.

This new app:

  • Sets our authors apart, offering another platform for their message.
  • Refresh Urban Shoes Skechers Tread Clearance Marketable Cheap Very Cheap 3NqmmzFRH Urban Shoes Tread Refresh Skechers Cheap Very Cheap sN6c8pN Allows worldwide access for readers.
  • Translates books at the touch of button.
  • Puts resources into more hands.
  • Clearance Marketable Tread Urban Refresh Shoes Skechers Fashion Style Cheap Price Nicekicks For Sale Cheap Best Wholesale Clearance Fast Delivery ophNe Download the free app today.
  • Free resources for all outside the U.S. between June 15-30.
  • Make sure to check it often for free books!

Prayer Bite

Refresh Shoes Urban Skechers Tread Clearance Marketable Discount Clearance Store From China Fashion Style Cheap Price OD8vrd We strive to put Christ at the center of all we do, as we seek to make a difference for the Kingdom. We can’t do this without the help of our prayer warriors. We need our brothers and sisters to fight for us on the frontline, calling out to the Lord in prayer. We would love and appreciate your prayer support, sharing in the victories and the struggles. To keep you involved, we send out a monthly newsletter which highlights our prayers and praises. To receive this email, please click below.

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